Monday, December 13, 2010

message that touch my heart...

yesterday..i got sms from my fren...
firstly i dun take it too much..but when my massage alert ringing i opened it...i saw WIVICA names on my hp screen...wondering why she sending me a mssage...finally i know the contain of her sms..
it sound like this:

* one side love
*silent mood mobile
*bus stand comedies
*canteen talk
*escape from seminar
*last period fun
*birthday treats
*last minute preparation
*over night studt for next day exam and nscafe with maggie
*friends-famlily function
*exam marks problem

then i know what she trying too say...she apprieciate every single memory in our class...
then i got same mssg from my others fren...huhuhu...guys, I LOVE YOU all...even we being saparated by time but the memory will keep tightly at my mind..huhuhu


  1. oh ini... sy pun dpt.. kikiki..
    cool huh..

  2. n we will realize, we'll never comeback and experienced it for the 2nd time..

  3. chele: pun blik2 dpt nie msj...t'sentuh juga lah kalbu sa..hahaha

    sigu kelemen: yes agree with u...n u also will be our memory...hahaha